Ceylon Flowery Camelia


A mixture of Rainforest tea and aromatic tea Flowers. Ceylon Flowery Camelia is a unique blend produced only at the Handunugoda Tea Estate. Flowery Camellia, has a hint of malt in its taste and could be called a Malty Tea.
Units in box: 15

Weight: 45 g

100 in stock

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Herman’s Signature Selection of elegant and sophisticated tea in a beautiful box, offered as unique gift that is perfect for any occasion. Three products in this selection was awarded winner at the Anuga Fair in Germany as the most innovative tea.

Available in silken pyramid bags and foil wrapped loose tea cartons

Herman teas do not contain genetically modified raw materials or ingredients derived from genetically modified raw materials. All our teas, herbal infusions and naturally flavored teas do not include any glutenous ingredients. Our teas can be brewed for serving more than once.

Format: Pyramid Bags
Units in box: 15

Weight 45 g