Green Tea with Mint


A cup of Green tea with Peppermint will soothe an upset Stomach and relieve heartburn and help you increase Mental Focus – The menthol in a hot cup of peppermint tea can help loosen congestion and relieve coughing associated with colds and allergies. Green tea with Mint can relieve bad breath caused by smoking, consumption of alcohol and onion or garlic breath. Can be consumed as a hot or cold beverage.
Format: Loose

Weight: 50 g

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Herman Green Range is produced paying homage to a 4000-year-old Chinese Green Tea tradition. An exquisite array of tantalising variety of green teas is offered to bring out the best refreshing green tea experience. Herman Green Tea is 100% pure and natural and is packed with Healthy Natural anti-Oxidants making it a Modern Super Food!!!

Available in silken pyramid bags and foil wrapped loose tea cartons

Herman teas do not contain genetically modified raw materials or ingredients derived from genetically modified raw materials. All our teas, herbal infusions and naturally flavored teas do not include any glutenous ingredients. Our teas can be brewed for serving more than once.

Format: Loose

Weight 50 g