Green Tea with Pure Matcha


Matcha Green Tea is the highest quality powdered green tea available. Made from the nutrient-rich young leaves picked from the tips of shade-grown Tea plants, Matcha Green Tea is steamed, stemmed, and de-vined before being stone-ground into very fine powder and then stored away from light and oxygen in order to preserve its brilliant green color and antioxidant properties. This miracle elixir has been consumed for over a millennium in the Far East, and is now considered to be one of the most powerful super foods on the market today.

Our Matcha tea blends are made with Shade grown Green tea leaves and matcha powder. It’s a refreshing and rounded sip with a smooth and mellow finish Made with sunshine and rain.

Weight: 50 g

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A Cup of Matcha Green Tea provides over 5 times as many antioxidants as any other food. Cancer-fighting catechin called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) makes up 60% of the catechins in Matcha Green Tea. For over a millennium, Matcha Green Tea has been used by Chinese Daoists and Japanese Zen Buddhist monks as means to relax and meditate while remaining alert and to enhance their mood, improve memory, and promote better concentration.

Samurai, the noble warriors of medieval and early-modern Japan, drank Matcha Green Tea before going into battle due to the tea’s energizing properties. Drinking Matcha Green Tea has also been shown to increase metabolism and help the body burn fat about four times faster than average. Matcha is also a powerful detoxifier capable of naturally removing heavy metals and chemical toxins from the body.


STEP ONE: Heat spring or filtered water
STEP TWO: Add a few drops of hot water to Matcha Green Tea powder and mix into a paste with a spoon
STEP THREE: Add more hot water to paste mixture and stir.
(Try 1 teaspoon to 6 ounces of water, Adjust measurement to suit taste.)
STEP FOUR: Matcha Green Tea is now ready to drink

Weight 50 g